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Thread: Costum LiveSets

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    Costum LiveSets

    Hello All.

    I have been reading many posts here about virtual sets.

    We have the VT5 and just now we started to use the LiveSet portion.

    We use 3 cameras for our live productions, center, left and right cameras.

    On the center camera we have it set to a two person shot siting on chairs.

    This center camera is the one that is giving us problems as we can;t zoom in enough to have both people look big enough for the live sets we have. The live sets that came with VT5.

    From the posts I've read, there are several of you that can build custom sets.

    Would you mind contacting me to discuss the possibility of building some custom sets for us?

    Thank you very much

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    One person that you could talk to about custom sets is Jose Burgos over at Burgos FX ( Jose has been a big help to me on this board and I know he specializes in producing Custom Livesets...

    John Mahoney
    GNURAL NET, Inc.
    Trenton, NJ 08691

    [email protected]

    Gnural Net LiveToAir, TC1, TC1LP, MDS1, TC8000, Cameras: NDIHX-PTZ1, PTZ Optics ZCAM 20x


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