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Thread: FFX, happy with the result, but now I'm in trouble and need help.

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    FFX, happy with the result, but now I'm in trouble and need help.

    Hello everyone, I am in trouble ... deep trouble.
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    I am working on a commercial spot where there are several animals with hair, until now, had always worked with Sasquatch, however, although I consider it excellent, it has some drawbacks, and one of them is that generally requires a lighting rig only for the hair, based on shadow map lights.
    For this reason I decided to force me to do the job with FFX and trained.
    I do, I've got all the characters ready, and I'm 2 days of delivery.

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    However, the client asks me some high resolution images for print,. I hoped to have a render heavy, requiring lots of memory and processor, but do not anticipate any further problem.

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    But to my surprise I find that changing the resolution, the hair made with FFX, radically changing ... and lose the character design done.

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    Increasing clusters of 1 to 10, I have this, now at least can not see the mesh underneath, but are other hairs ... need to have the original hair that but in higher resolution.
    The hair on the high res images (10.000x10.000 vs 1.000x1.000) are always very thin, and the parameter "fiber width" not have effect.

    Any ideas?, Characters have already been approved, and I really need to resolve this for print, and it's too late to move to Sasquatch, for lack of time and because I am unable to get the same look and feel they have already approved .

    Any help is appreciated.
    Thank you very much,

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    yea I had the exact same problem. Didn't actually ever find a solution. I tried everything. Luckily we touched it up anyway to resemble the smaller sized renders.
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    Despite its drawbacks sasquatch at least works. I know the pain firsthand of using FFx in production.

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    Image resizing software is very useful.
    Dont think it would help in your case though if you are going from very lo res.

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    I have an idea

    Hi Larry, although not very encouraging, your words are very helpful, I do not have time to move all the designs to Sas.
    But I think I'm learning this lesson in the hard way.

    Thanks Jim, what you say is something that we applied extensively, especially when designers are asking resolutions that are ridiculous, it is generally common to do surrender to 1 / 4 or 1 / 2 of the necessary resolution and then scale up.
    But this is not the case, we generate the FFX characters in TV resolutions, and now jump from this to 10,000 x 10,000, everything goes to hell ... and it happens even yield to 2.000x2.000

    BUT I have a idea!

    Try using Advanced Camera, and using a subdivided plane, where each segment has a UV, and use each of these segments to renderings from a UV camera at low resolution.
    For each segment, FFX make a low resolution renderings, I hope this work!.
    I do this test and tell if it works

    Thanks, Roque.

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    I used the shift camera to do something like this too, not on FFX though.
    Just shift the camera width per frame another notch and fill up your full res image as if you have "buckets". All frames can be done over network. And just shift not with 1 but 0.98 to have some overlap.

    Worked great to get a 30k pixels wide arch viz render.
    Hope it helps for you, I'm quite happy to not have to touch FFX anytime soon again.

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    Well, I did this test with advance camera, and everything worked fine ... only one thing ... FFX apparently not render correctly a advanced camera
    The method is good for high resolution images renderer ... takes a little work, this is an ideal job for a plugin done that automatically..
    However, this is not useful for FFX, this is very frustrating.

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    Don't bother with FFX for animation. I haven't gotten one animation that doesn't have a flicker or banding in it.
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    I have but was definately not worth the pain...

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    could you provide some kind of files to test?

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    Don't need to be tha actual mesh, but actual fiber fx settings that provide the desired look.

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    Hi Bruno, this test files and render the two images, low and hi (downscaled to the same resolution that low)
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    Good luck!

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    My tips:
    Use limited region render to adjust your settings, it's fast to render. Do not increase cluster number too high, try to compensate with max fiber density, and cluster radius (these have to increase proportionally to the size of your image, from the low res version to high version), and a little increase in fiber smooth (not too much, I think I use a value that is too high). I'm posting the image that I get and the settings. Maybe you have to do some adjustments to lights too.
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    In the lights department, you could duplicate your light set and put this new set to affect only the fibers, and play with them.

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