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I just checked out colors 1.1. so far it's looking pretty sweet.

The color/brush picker screen is different, but mostly just a different way of selecting brush settings.

There's a new brush type so now it has solid, feathered, and brush bristles.

There's a last-stroke undo feature.

There's a connection to the gallery right in the app. I can't test it without changing the security settings in my router.

There's also an export feature (3 preset sizes) that saves a png on the flash card. Unfortunately, my computer can't read this .png.
i'll have to check that out though i'll be stuck on my version 1 [silver] ds as my DSi XL doesn't have a card to get colors onto...still, i like flipnote's limited tools they keep you from straying off from quick sketches for storyboards into full blown 'art'