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Thread: HDMI conversion to YPbPr analog component

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    HDMI conversion to YPbPr analog component

    New DSLR cameras from Canon (D5, D7) and Nikon (D90) output uncompressed HD video via HDMI connection. I know there are HDMI to SDI converters from AJA, Black Magic Design and others, but I haven't found any HDMI to YPbPr analog converters suitable for the component inputs on the SX BoB to the VT5.

    Any suggestions?

    Jack Maytum

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    Not only do you need a Digital to Analog converter you need something that would also scale it to 720x480. The best option is use one of these Gefen Boxes it is a DVI to RGBs scaler. It's very easy to convert HDMI to DVI with a simple passive cheap adapter and plug it into this Gefen Box. This Gefen can also scale it to NTSC. We use these often at NewTek HQ and they work great.
    Zane Condren
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