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Thread: Does the TriCaster Studio come with a Live Set Generator?

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    Does the TriCaster Studio come with a Live Set Generator?

    I have the Studio and want to create my own live sets. Particularly just so I can do PiP for showing the game clock. Do I have to download Aura, and if so where can I find that? Thanks for any

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    To create a PIP live set you need either Aura or Lightwave. The only way to get a new copy of Aura is to buy a VT[5]

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    I'm just going to confirm what Jeff wrote. It's not an ideal situation, but people here who have the requisite sw will often help out with a simple request. And of course there are folks he make LiveSets for others as part of their business plan, too. Finally, if you are really into this sort of thing, a second-hand VT can often be had pretty inexpensively, and comes with a wack of ability, including Aura.
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    I still have few Aura with USB dongle in stock. If anyone need it, give me a email or private message.
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