I do mostly corporate greenscreen work, and have been using the VT5 for SD level live productions - I love it. For any 'non-live' business, I end up using Final Cut Studio because the keyer that comes with SpeedEdit is sub-par, and I can use Motion based backdrops that let me easily do things like swap slides or play video in virtual monitors. (Most of my productions are product & training videos targeted for iTunes or web delivery in either 480p or 720p)

Most of the work I'm seeing recently is for non-live, HD based productions that are virtual set based. While I could continue using Final Cut/Motion for this, it isn't really optimized for the type of virtual set production I can do easily on my VT or with a TriCaster. What I'd like to have is a way to shoot the talent first, then move the footage into an HD capable "liveset" like environment for post. This environment would let me key in the talent, position and scale it, then control the camera in each clip the same way I could with a liveset. Ideally, I could even do some of this keyframing in real time as the clips play back - pick camera views, smooth zoom in and out, apply DSK's etc. - even if the final quality files would need to be rendered later. I know I could do most of this with an XD300, but it is hard to justify cost wise if most of my business isn't live HD.

Not sure if this could be a SpeedEdit based tool or a software only XD300-lite, but I think this could be a really efficient and compelling way to post HD virtual set based productions.


John Mahoney
Digital Podium/The Digital Edge Blog