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Thread: Character_concepts

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    Thankyou Julian.
    A piece I worked on today.
    Thought I would show my process to where I am so far.

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    Interesting that many studies of armour show some incredibly wooden 'action', and are hardly convincing, whereas this one has a real sense of a frozen moment from a fight.

    Apart from being envious of your skill ..... another great piece of imagination and work.

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    Thanks Julian.

    Knight sabres! Sorry I just couldn't resist it! lol
    I will post my finished piece when I'm done fooling around. Not sure if I can top this though

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    arrr that's just wrong ! although I do like the reflection of the sabres on the armors
    and thanks for the progression image, makes it a lot easier to understand.

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    lol, I was just larking about
    I glad you got something out of the steps Sampei.
    I finished up the piece this evening.

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    Hi guys
    I Hope you have enjoyed my progress over these past few months. I do feel I have learnt alot along the way. I still have alot more room for improvement and my wish would be the opportunity to continue to develop and grow as an artist for the remainder of my days I appreciate all the comments you have given, so thankyou.
    My hard work and study has payed off somewhat, I have landed a book project that will keep me busy untill the end of this year.
    Unfortunately I will working under nda, so I will not be able to post any works in progress from that project. It will also diminish the time I have for personal projects but I will post when I can.

    For now I will leave you with this helmet study, and for you Sampei a few stages, I know you enjoy those. Btw Sampei if you ever need any help with anything or questions feel free to email me, I will help if I can.

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    Congratulations, you sure deserve it and I am sure you will do an outstanding work. Good luck, not that you need any.

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    Thankyou Sampei.
    The work has been very challenging, Its one thing creating characters and environments taking them in any direction you choose, its another trying to pull the vision out of a clients imagination.
    Im looking forward to the day when I can finnally show the work but we have long way to go yet.

    Heres a few more creature/ character sketches from my own sketchbooks.

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    A new character concept. I was playing with the idea of cybernetics meets fashion

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    Alein warrior character concept.

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    Been a while since I posted any art. I have finished up last years book project, 40 Paintings! Still cant show any of those untill the nda expires.
    Im now doing some illustrations for a game card company. Heres are a few, the style is heavy inked, which is a departure from my usual painting style.
    I am enjoying working of these vampire cards, Its reminding me of the time I used to love horror comics as a kid, and the work of Berni Wrightson, who inspired me to get into art in the first place.

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    Minotaur character, from sketch to finish.

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    I got around to working on this female warrior concept piece from the sketches on page one.

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    Another character concept , A very likely candidate for a lightwave model.

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    I have been enjoying watching Babylon 5 dvd box set, such a good show which to my mind hasn't really aged. Some of those lightwave vfx are still stunning. The design of the show, from ships, sets and characters are just great. One of my fav characters is g'kar, so I did a portrait for fun.
    Its not something I normally do, prefering to work on my own characters, but I figured there might be some b5 fans here who may like it.

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