W7 64 bit using LW 9.6 64bit mapped lwsn & cfgs on ALL machines.
Was working untill last weekend.
Massive project - basically a walkthrough a man-made canyon
Procedural driven textures on rocks
Suddenly started giving different texture 'positions' on different nodes - out of 50 nodes 30 would be consistent and the remainder would have 2 or 3 different textures.
Tried new simple objects & re-creating texture from scratch.
Fractal Noise is fine, but if I use a filtered noise - fBm in most of the textures I had developed - I get these different textures - just as if I was rendering on different platforms.
But all nodes are the same platform, I get differing results from 2 nodes on the same computer.
Once running the same nodes consistently produce the same texture.
If I stop & start different a different pattern of nodes does it wrong.
It's as if the noise generator used for the filtering is setting from the wrong seed.
Might have been triggered by a background Windows update? who knows!
Up half the night for the last 5 days.
Re-installed completely - LW & Butterfly render controller - last night.
No different.
Newtek Europe Tech support on holiday.