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Thread: Super Slow scrolling in LW Menus?!

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    Super Slow scrolling in LW Menus?!

    Just out of interest why in the latest release of LW 9.5 and LW 9.6 is the scroll down in the Layout and Modeler menu's Super Slow?! With a gradual speed up? (example: Modeler/Utility/Additional--->

    LW 9.3 used to be lighting fast and very easy to navigate?

    Why was this changed to a snails pace? or is it just my machine?

    Can we get this put back to normal in the next update?

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    I usually put my mouse down at the bottom of the screen when having tons of items in the list, but granted, it is one of those things in LW that suffers from bad design. My whish is that all those dropdown menus would open up a sort of Scene-editor where you select the object(s) and press ok, but hey... that is just a dream.
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