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Thread: SE 2.0 crashing constantly

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    John, I did have some missing DLL messaging on my VT5 but then it would run after the messaging error. I will be pro active about that problem and get back to you.

    Should I look at a different OS to solve this problem? I want my SE 2 bad. Now that I loaded a few working projects I can't go back. Several clients expect results soon. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Based on what you've said, it sounds exactly as I stated above. However, it sounds like John and crew have a way around needing to "set the switch".

    Yeah, your os is 32bit.

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    I'm not convinced it's the OS, to me this MP4 thing seems like the most likely culprit.

    Can you try one of the MXF's and some other easy file like a DV avi, RTV, etc to see if it only happens with the MP4?

    John Perkins
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    John, Here is a link to OneHub which I uploaded two 3 sec full res MP4 clips for you to check out.

    Let me know if you cannot utilize the link. I may need to send you an invite through your email.

    Some history.....I bought one of the first XDCAMs. The early mxfs were recognized by the software and I found that you could strip out the MP4 and use it as a stand alone. I have built all my projects (maybe 200 hundred) with these full res MP4s they worked in VT5 just fine. Then 5.2 would not recognize them. So I uninstalled 5.2.

    Thanks for your help on this.

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    I think you'll need to email me a login at [email protected]

    The HDCam mxf's are one of our new 2.0 supported formats, so they should work fine.

    Not having tested the mp4's they worry me.

    John Perkins
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    To get the have to pull them from the the camera chip and bypass the making of a MXF files. Search the actual BPAV folder that holds all files that the camera has written to that not create the MXFs. I just went back and made some MXFs. It is a pain by comparison. It is so much easier to strip out the MP4. I can be editing in seconds with MP4s. MXFs are a step much like encoding linear tape to a computer....or converting formats for FCP. Seems wrong.

    Can anyone tell me the benefit of an MXF file?

    There is probably some use for MXFs. To make one you have to go through an extra step. I am not into extra steps and one reason I have supported Newtek all of these years. Maybe I am wrong but seems to me if I can go straight to the file and use it... I will be faster and at the bank more often.

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    This a Sony EX1 or EX3 isn't it?!

    It finally clicked about mp4, VT5.2, the whole thing.

    I thought you meant the XDCam cameras that natively record as MXF files.

    That's a whole different beast.

    BTW, you can play them in VT5.2, you just have to rename the clip to .avi. (long story, VT5.3 will fix this)

    Yes, you absolutely should be able to drop EX clips directly into an SE2 project without any problem. We have several users editing from cards in the field even.

    I have a few folders of them on my notebook and they do seem to scrub without an issue for me. (I just checked)

    I doubt this is your issue now, I know too many daily users, including beta testers that have this camera, plus I test with them a lot. A mistake here would have been spotted.

    Also, that annoying BPAV folder layout pretty much prompted a feature in SE2.

    Right click on a BPAV folder. Select "Locate Camera Files". It will create shortcuts to all the clips they buried in there. Who the heck came up with that stupid layout?

    Ok, the good news is I doubt it's the clips, the bad news is that I'm still not sure what your problem is

    Back to the too much RAM angle?

    Can you remove 2GB and see if it makes any difference or do you feel comfortable with that?

    John Perkins
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    I have been testing the studio machine. Sorry I just got back to office PC to check. I only have 2 gig of RAM on the edit machine. I miss quoted early in the the thread.

    The machine has dual quad core 3 gig chipset with 2 gig of RAM. The OS is XP Pro with Service Pak 3 Someone confirmed that it is 32 bit. I didn't build it. I bought it from DVS Direct with a new VT Card in 2008 when VT5 came out. I traded in my old VT Card.

    I made a whole batch of MXFs and started a new project fresh. It crashed with MXFs just like it did with the MP4s.

    I broke out a new project with RTVs only. It chopped fine and didn't bonk for quite awhile, actually. I was jamming it hard and fast. l added some MP3 music, wav files and some overlay graphics and finally got it to crash after 30 minutes of working pretty hard....chopping, scrubbing, speed variables, DVEs etc etc.

    Think it is the OS?

    If so, what OS should I run on this machine?

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    I just tested your clips too with good results.
    John Perkins
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    It wouldn't be the fault of the OS, assuming that there is nothing actually broken in the installation and if it's running well otherwise, I'd hate to jump to that conclusion.

    Ok, so we've discounted too much RAM and file type.

    Can you put the clips on another drive and test? (don't bother converting, just use the mp4 files)

    Were the RTV's also on the same physical drive?

    Can you update your video card drivers to the latest version?

    Do you know how to burn an iso file to CD?

    If so, boot from a CD made from the iso in the link I just posted and let it run a memory test overnight.

    This will test for memory errors. If you have an error or if the memory test has crashed or restarted, you have hardware problems.

    Last edited by John Perkins; 02-01-2010 at 10:12 PM.
    John Perkins
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    I have 4 x 1 Terabyte SATA drives on this machine stripped together. and used for video only. Seperate OS Drive. I keep it defragged but have not run any tests on it.

    I brought the RTV files over from storage for the testing. All clips were on the same drive. I will run the memory test and get back to you tomorrow.

    I am on a shoot all day but will be back late afternoon. Thanks for your time and energy.

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    Even the system drive would be fast enough for the mp4 test.

    It's no problem, I really want to get to the bottom of this so that if it is a bug on our part we can fix it.

    John Perkins
    Software Engineer

    "No, it's my natural color..."

  13. #28 I assume that the ISO Memory Test boot disc is cyclical. It was still running fine after 7 hours. message "Completed - No errors - Press ESC" at the bottom.

    I updated my GE FORCE 7600 driver. It was outdated but still no luck. I started a new project with a hundred clips with nothing but cuts only MP4s. No other files. Made it full screen so you can see the entire project and when you scrub back and forth a few times it will crash the software.

    I don't have time to test the system drive yet but will get on it when I get back this afternoon. Out the door.

    INSTALL QUESTION: Could this install pattern cause a problem?

    I installed 5.2 on this machine when it came out then uninstalled VT5 completely after MP4s wouldn't work with 5.2 and.....

    Reinstalled VT5 completely.

    I installed SE 2 on this machine then I reinstalled 5.2 so I could use the newer virtual sets.

    Project problems and crashing made me think the SE 2 install was bad so I uninstalled SE 2 completely then reinstalled SE 2. During the re-Install...It ask if I wanted to repair Quicktime. I said yes and continued install with out any problems.

    Just thinking through possibilities.....

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    Look in VT Prefs at your Module Save setting. Change to something like 10-15 minutes. This seems to have stabilized a Dream Machine with 4gigOram @ XP32bit. Check your Cache folder for VT. I use the same drive, but have VT cache in a folder and SE in another folder on my Render to Raid.

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    I was out shooting yesterday and all morning. Just back to running the editing tests.
    I copied some MP4s and MXFs onto the system C: drive not the video drive. I loaded about a dozen clips each and started a new project with SE 2. It scrubbed through the clips pretty easily. A little hitchy but was doing the job, I added a few MP3 files and a couple of JPGs then SE 2 crashed while playing at the end of a MP4 clip that had a small JPG Logo graphic as an Overlay.

    I am not sure what to make of that? Once restarted it crashes the project when scrubbing through in random places.

    NVidia is updated. Memory test ran fine.

    Could this be the install? I can clean the machine and start fresh with VT5through patches to SE2. What do you think?

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