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Thread: bob's multicam

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    bob's multicam

    Am I correct in assuming Bob's Multicam will not work with SE 2.0??????

    Bob S

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    That is correct.
    John Perkins
    Software Engineer

    "No, it's my natural color..."

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    I know this is ridiculously early to ask this but, is there even a multicam feature on the future drawing board for SE2? That is a big feature for me. I have Bob's plugin for T4 and would like to see it for SE.

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    It's definitely on the drawing board (my drawing board is very messy and full at the moment), although I can't give a time frame.

    We know this is one of the top requested features and are acting accordingly.
    John Perkins
    Software Engineer

    "No, it's my natural color..."

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    That's great new John. I was considering Vegas for doing multicam but if SE may get it one day, that is great. Would it ever be added as an upgrade or do we have to wait for the next full version release?

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    I can't disclose anything at this point, in fact I might have gone too far already. I despise vaporware but love to talk. That's probably why I'm not in marketing

    It's not going to happen overnight, so if you need that capability now to make a living, do what you need to do. It never hurts to have more tools in the toolbox and we understand that.
    John Perkins
    Software Engineer

    "No, it's my natural color..."

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    Sorry to put you on the spot John. You've said enough. I just wanted to know if it was even a thought. I am glad it is and I will use it if\when it is available. I still have Bob's plugin on my T4 so if I need it, I use it there. Thanks again.


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