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Thread: Clip map mismatch original clip image setting..

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    Clip map mismatch original clip image setting..

    Hello guys ~ ^^

    I built a scene with 4 different type single-polygon tree board,totally about 600 models.
    I already assign a clip map for those single-polygon tree board,and test render was ok.
    Every thing was work fine until next time I reload the scene, there was something wrong...

    All of those single polygon tree board 's clip map setting was still there ,but the image was mismatch! LW use other model's clip map image for them!!

    I try to close LW, reload the scene again,the problem still in there.

    I try to hack .lws file and .lwo file, I didn't see any weird thing.

    I use 32bit PNG file for mapping tree board, select "Clone" -> "Instance" , and I setted those reference images' alpha channel was "Alpha Only" ,then I used them for clip map image and transparency channel.

    As before , I already encounter this problem several times,but it only effect a few models ,so I fixed it ONE By ONE.

    But this time, It's about 600 model !!! It drive me crazy~

    Any one could give me a suggestion please ?

    P.S. I attached my scene's image editor list , it seems screw up ?
    Too many (1)(1)(1)....?!
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