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Thread: how to make smoke like Max's fumeFX ?

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    how to make smoke like Max's fumeFX ?

    anyone know how to make smoke like 3Dmax's fumeFX?

    like this image...

    i know there was a plugin named Dynamite can do some like this. but it had stopped. I don't know why.

    I think maybe someone has know how to generate realism smoke and render beautiful .

    would you like to talk something about it ?..
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    I've looked everywhere for this and for fire, but can't find much. Dynamite was as close as it got to photorealistic, but it was klunky, buggy and now it's gone.

    Finally, I broke down and bought Max just for fire and smoke. If CORE fails in this regard, I may need to switch to Max fulltime, sadly.
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    Do a search on the forum for Bakudan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SplineGod View Post
    Do a search on the forum for Bakudan.
    The only info I've seen on this is at :

    No screens or anything though? I'd be interested myself in this but I hope they can show something soon.

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    cantarcan himself has never released any info on why it stopped,if it has stopped, or where he went! just vanished without a trace.

    S now we have the upcoming bakudan that sounds promising.
    I think you will get most info about this on spinquad at these forums

    Lets Talk Bukadan (Dynamite & More)

    and dynamite


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    thanks for your reply , i'll see it . i hope Bakudan is a easy way .

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    Use the RealFlow demo, plenty you can do with what they give you for free...

    Use their particle system to create the smoke motion, wrap it in their polys...

    Then, in Lightwave, or whatever you use for that matter, give the polys a translucent/semi-transparent texture (two sided for better effect)...
    play with this and you'll get killer smoke.
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    The Bukadan (Bakudan?) guys are now recruiting beta testers for their product. I signed up a few days ago, hope it's neat

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    Honestly I think your best bet is to use Max and FumeFX if you already have it.

    We have a seat of Max just for that purpose...smoke.
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    Give us a couple of weeks and we will have something more than impressive to show with Bakudan
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    check this fire sim made in blender 2.5:

    Surely you could make good smoke too.

    oh and read this:

    - Derrick
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