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Thread: 3d architectural rendering & animation

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    Smile 3d architectural rendering & animation

    Shanghai Sunrise Visual Design Co., Ltd. as a professional 3D Architectural Design company, which located in Shanghai that is the biggest and the important economic center in China. We have the professional 3D artist team and Eight years experiences in architectural design and rendering, and we can give you the highest quality products and the best after-service. Our main products include 3D Floor Plan, CAD Conversion And Animation/Fly Through, 3D Architectural/Interior Rendering, 3D Walk through Animation, Virtual Reality, 3D Character Model Design.If you want to get the latest information, please visit the website:

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    Post the Lightwave files so we can give you a hand fixing the textures.

    Most of the 2d stuff in the images you should not have any problems doing it in Lightwave, & it will look better for it.
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    Is that Darth Maul in the 3rd image?

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