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    Testing rigg 2.2 megs 320 X 240 divx 1 meg 640 X 480

    Starting to setup new hip and shoulder rigging for my auto rigging script. here is the first test. I got alot more to do but i put this together yesterday and was rather happy with it.

    It can almost makes me look like i can animate without me spending a year tweeking everything.

    did this in about 30 min. nothing great but not bad for the time.

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    cool! I wish I could rig characters like that, maybe in 8

    Back you robots! Nobody ruins my family vacation but me!

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    want to know how?

    Don't use unaffected by IK descendants plus setting up IK stiffness and joint limits. Other that that to get the hip to move on it's own without expression basicly you make a reverse leg to the hip. The biggest problem is not restricting IK eats up cpu.

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    Thats really cool. I tried the same thing about a week ago with much worse results, I got the idea from
    I'm gona see if I can figure out how you got your reverse leg setup to work... I could not figure out any way, one leg allways came off the body because I could not have the hip bone parented to BOTH reverse leg bones...
    Thanks for the tips.

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    Np glad to help.
    here is a new test from my changes so far.
    (sorry fixed link)

    I think i'm pretty much done for this part. I'm going to work on making a nice way to control the hands now and apply it to a high res model. I used to rig this way back in 5.6. Started to do it again after the animadium videos when everyone was droiling. I wanted to show them they could do most of it already. Thats when i figured out the reverse leg.
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    Hmmm, the only way I figured out to get it to work was by having only 1 reverse leg, the other I setup normally. Is this the way you got it to work?

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    ya basicly


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