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Thread: The podcasting revolution is powered by TriCaster

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    The podcasting revolution is powered by TriCaster

    Here is a really interesting list of top technologies of 2009:

    Jason Calacanis’ Top Tech Products (And A Political Rant)

    …and it includes this juicy observation:

    “TriCaster by NewTek is a complete digital studio in a box. This amazing device allows me, and Leo Laporte, to create multi-camera shoots without spending $100,000 building a studio and having a half dozen engineers on call for a show. Instead you drop $10,000 on this box and have one editor man the TriCaster and you’re done. Leo has used the TriCaster to create a $2M a year podcasting business with a half dozen employees and This Week in Startups is making over $250,000 a year in advertising after only a couple of months. The podcasting/video show revolution is powered by TriCaster. I love this product.”
    Don't stream it - TriCast it!

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    Leo uses a VT system now though right?

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    No, Leo uses TriCaster BROADCAST.

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    Leo had a VT[5] for a little while but is now back in TriCaster heaven.
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    It is a changing world and TriCaster puts you in the path of limitless revenue.
    It's up to you if you want to take the path!
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