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Thread: BSG VFX Lighting and Rendering Tutorial Sat. Dec. 19th! 2PM CST!

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    BSG VFX Lighting and Rendering Tutorial Sat. Dec. 19th! 2PM CST!

    Hey guys.
    Just wanted to let you know that I will be doing the third in a serious of webinars with Kurv Studios on Saturday December 19th starting at 2PM CST dealing with the VFX techniques of Battlestar Galactica.

    Also if you attend tomorrow, you will be in the running to win a major goodie!

    Kurv Studios and Mass Digital will be giving away a prize from Maas Digital and that chance to win is worth the price of admission. But then be blown away by the information in this class!

    That’s right Dan at Maas Digital has donated an Unlimited License of StarPro Starfeild Generator for today’s class.

    StarPro Unlimited is a $249.00USD value and works on the MAC or PC.

    So if you have not registered yet, register now, not only will you learn award winning rendering and Lighting techniques. Kelly’s classes have been amazing and today’s is sure to be no different.

    So today not only could you learn some ground breaking, award winning effects, but you could also be rendering beautiful, astronomically correct star fields in LightWave 3D, which we used extensively though out the life of the series!

    About Today's Class on Rendering and Lighting
    We all know LightWave was used on Battlestar Galactica. We all love the series and have seen the amazing award winning visual effects.

    Now you can get a little closer to these amazing effects with Kelly Myers aka "Kat".

    KURV studios is holding the third webinar in the multi-part series on Battlestar Galactica featuring Mr. Kelly Myers aka "Kat". Kelly worked on Battlestar as the VFX Consultant for season II and III... creating amazing shots from space battles to angry Centurions shooting at weakling humans!

    This is the third class in this multi-part series (if you missed out on the other two, don't worry, stop by the site and check em out!).

    This 3 hour class will cover how to setup lighting as well as rendering efficiency, tips and tricks. Kelly implemented some time saving tricks while working on the show that sped up rendering by 10 fold in many cases and he will be sharing them with the attendees. If you thought Lightwave 3D was fast, just wait until you see this! Now you get the opportunity to see some of these tricks and techniques in action, live as well as be able to ask questions.

    Space is limited to 900 viewers so don't delay, register now!

    By registering for this class you will receive a free download of the publicly released edited video from the first webinar session that was attended by hundreds of users of Lightwave 3D and runs approximately 3 hours! This free download has a retail value of $39.95 USD, you get it for free along with your registration fee for today's class.

    There will also be bonus content released through the life of the video series featuring full light rigs for ships from the show, example volumetric/pyro set ups and more.

    But unless you attend... well, sucks to be you. Don't get blown out the air lock!

    Join us at

    DJ Lithium | KAT! =^..^=

    Black Tiger Recordings
    Founder and Citizen of

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    I think its 8pm GMT but I would have a gandar .

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    We had another fantastic webinar today! thanks for coming out everyone and to the lucky bastard who one the copy of Star Pro Unlimited, enjoy! (thanks again Dan from Maas Digital for supporting this series on the VFX of Battlestar Galactica!)
    DJ Lithium | KAT! =^..^=

    Black Tiger Recordings
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    We wanted to again, thank Dan Maas of Maas Digital for their generous contribution to last weeks class! If you are at all interested in StarPro, or need the best solution for realistic stars, like the Pro’s use… StarPro is not only your best choice, but your only choice!

    Congratulations to Greg Potts!

    Greg, you have won a license of StarPro Unlimited. Please contact me to get your prize!

    IMPORTANT - Next Class:

    We are talking about possibly doing a part 1 of a 2 part series on how the explosions were done for Battlestar Saturday December 26th.

    Any takers for this? Let us know, were willing to do a class the day after Christmas if you guys are. We would also give another license of StarPro away… a nice late Christmas gift.

    BTW, Merry Christmas Greg!!

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    For those of us who attended this class, where can we download it? Someone here before said something about, but I don't see anywhere how to get to any videos - except Is there another place?



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