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Thread: The mystery of camera matching

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    The mystery of camera matching

    I have been trying in vain to find a methodology for getting the camera perspective to match a site photo. I have tried loading a background image into the camera view and then manipulating the camera to match the perspective lines on the grid to the photo but it isn't really very accurate. Does anyone know of a better way including possibly the Worley plugin.
    Thanks in advance
    Clive Edwards

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    I was looking for similar solution myself and found FI's CMatch to be the best. Check out the related thread.

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    I have used Worley's Camera Match (part of the Taft collection) a number of times and find it very useful, as long as you have some reference object in the photo you can get real world measurements from (i.e. a building). The main reason I bought Taft was for the camera match plugin!


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