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Thread: 'must have' plug-ins for LW 9.6? Need advice from LW Masters!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3dWannabe View Post
    Out of curiosity - why doesn't NewTek provide a way for the top plug-ins to communicate so they can work together?
    There are several ways plug-ins can communicate, some existing since ever, like making global functions/variables plug-in class (whole LWSDK is one big structure of global plug-in classes). I have used it once while making Kray SDK, for special communication between TrueArt's VirtualRender and Kray.
    In newer LW versions v9.x, there is communication ring messaging system.
    But almost nobody use them (LightWolf and me, are probably the only one who used them ever) - two or more programmers would have to sit down and talk about it and implement communication layer. With so low number of LW plug-in copies sold chance that customers have both or more plug-ins on their system is low. So, it would be just waste of time.

    I'm sure Core is going to be great, but - I'd much rather pay more money [to NewTek] and get rapid fixes to LW 9.6 [like 3D Coat provides almost daily], than wait until Core - and all the 3rd parties that will need to integrate with it - to provide a solution.
    Solutions exist, but nobody use them, because it doesn't bring money. Free plug-in makers have even less pressure for using them..

    If solutions would not be inside of LWSDK, really desperate plug-in makers could use operating system specific messaging systems. Every OS have tons of them (incompatible with other OS-es).

    BTW, I don't see a reason to use 3rd party plug-ins communication in context of this discussion about cached GI file..
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