I have a project that I don't have a lot of details on at the moment but I can tell you that it is an animation, most likely 2D. The total length for the the two pieces will be no longer than 5 min each (so no more than 10 min total).

It will be two stories about Child Health and Adolescent Health respectively. This is a project for a the Department of Child and Adolescent Health at the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland.

I am posting here first because I have been a member of this forum for several years and want to give work to my fellow LightWavers. There are no descisions made about the type of animation. The animations are for education modules used for teaching professional adults without being too medically technical. The animation is directed at an adult crowd on a serious subject so the animation needs to reflect that. They want this to be something that can capture some of the difficult emotional aspects of the need for intervention in developing countires for children and adolescense and therefor the animation needs to be styalized towards a mature audience and not children. Most of us envision a simple gritty 2D style of charcoal on tea stained paper look but by all means show me if you have something else that would work.

The work will commence in January and need to be finished at the end of February 2010. Although modest, there is a budget. If you are interested in being concidered please send me links to your reels and art work.

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