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Thread: Export a Lightwave camera to C4D

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    Export a Lightwave camera to C4D

    Hi every one, i need to send a flying camera to C4D, but for some reason i wasn't able to match the scales, my pipiline is like this:

    -Model multiple objects in lightwave - (export multiple .obj's to C4D)

    -.obj's assembled and Textured in C4D

    -Camera animation in LW (using a single .obj imported from the assembled C4D scene)

    -Other animation and Render in C4D (with the animated camera from lightwave)

    Why this workflow?
    Well because the guy who is helping me with the job, only knows to use C4D, and we used to work very well until this point.

    Another important thing is that the textures are almost complete so we can't go back.

    I apreciate any solution, thank you guys.

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    can't you export cameras with collada?


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    ( c4d can import .lwo )

    i have done this in the past (i'm sure c4d opened my .lws file because i cant remember converting it). but i was never able to get the cameras to match perfectly. they always seemed to be 'just off', nearly, but not good enough. never could find out why. according to the docs it should work.

    anyways, i could transfer camera paths, lights etc. (it was only the specs of the camera that didnt match.)

    (..just checked the folder i worked on and there are only .lws & .c4d files. so c4d must have opened the .lws - havnt got c4d so cant check.)

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    c4d opens .lws nicely most of the times.

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    Well guys, after a lot of test i think i found a way to match the cameras almost perfect.

    C4D to FBX to LW (animate cameras) export again FBX to C4D.

    I will post a render to show you.


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