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Thread: Render Service tool for Cloud computing

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    Exclamation Render Service tool for Cloud computing

    In the LW Community Section there are no big interest

    I think cloud rendering Software as a Service is the future, useful and cheap.

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Program

    $1.99 per machine per hour on a 64-bit machine with 7.5 GB of RAM

    Houdini supports with HQueue cloud computing

    I hope for this render tool for LW 9.x or CORE in the near future.

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    Fornicate it! Not at all interested. Too much of someone elses stuff involved in my own.

    An admitted Luddite on the topic.

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    Until we (in the UK at least) have fast upload speeds to go with fast download speeds, and rock solid, 100% uptime, cloud computing will never be a reality for me.

    It's like these online backup systems, great idea, but at less that 1MB / sec upload on average, backing up 2TB of data (or more) would take forever.
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    Announcing Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

    Spot Instances allow customers to bid on unused Amazon EC2 capacity and run those instances for as long as their bid exceeds the current Spot Price.

    For perhaps for $0.039/hr you can't run a local machine - now more interesting LW users ?

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    Hehe, forgot to search, and wound up posting nearly the same question as you asked.
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    anymore thoughts on these kinds of services from the community. Does anyone know if it's even currently possible with Lightwave?

    We do a bunch of network rendering at our studio, but it's all local. I have a great knowledge of how it works, but sending out to the cloud get's a little cloudy (pun intended).

    Do you have a LWSN.exe running on the server in the cloud, what about shared files/resources etc.

    Microsoft just launched Azure. A similar cloud computing platform, that eventually will come in a BOX you can purchase from them. Plug and Play network rendering box basically! (a developer friend told me about it) Again not sure what it's tie into Network Rendering would be.

    Do we need a plugin that talks to the Cloud server for COMPUTATIONS, or is it like we currently render with LWSN.exe etc.

    Any more information people have could really help as this becomes more and more an option potentially.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tcoursey View Post
    anymore thoughts on these kinds of services from the community. Does anyone know if it's even currently possible with Lightwave?
    I hope this useful feature is possible with CORE - with LW 9.6 i think it is not possible, because you can't render under Linux.

    You need to script this setup to publish at the cloud and startup, perhaps with Python to run the render on a Linux Amazon Machine Images with paid AMIs. A Batch starts up to 20 machines (and shut down after finsihed) based on this 'Template-Render-AMI' on the cloud. (

    Screenshot: Render mantra to Cloud on EC2 with Houdin - very easy to use:

    It' always a nice inexpensive render feature

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