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Thread: Make avi textured card intercut with avi original

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    Make avi textured card intercut with avi original


    The rendered uncompressed front-projected avi of the 100% luminous 0% diffused card keeps looking lighter than the original footage avi.

    There is a gloriously wonderful workaround, isn't there?

    I shot a 3D movie of a 75th anniversary, but one of the cameras had to be 180 degrees upside down, and now they'd like me to do the rightside-upping.

    In 7.5, there seemed to be a gain added when one used the background feature; is this the same thing? The fix for that was to substitute a card for the background, but I thought the front projection was still an option.

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    You can just reduce the luminosity as needed until your textured card does match your original footage.
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