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Thread: THALYS METAMORPHOSYS video by 555Lab

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    THALYS METAMORPHOSYS video by 555Lab

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm pleased to share with you an animation we (555Lab) did for THALYS (agency: Proximity BBDO). We did it in one 6 weeks from storyboarding to the final render.

    The aim was to show with the help of a magic ride all the new features in the new THALYS TRAIN.

    It has been done 100% Lightwave by 2 generalists and 1 post-producer with AE.
    It was very intense!!: But I don't think we could achieve it that fast with another 3D Package.
    One of the hardest thing was to keep the same speed and feeling for all the different "landscapes", be able to connect them, and be able to bend the rails in every direction needed. Bones were used for that.

    POI Cam plug-in and Transmotion were very handy to be able to multiply all the objects, composite in AE saving precious rendering time and more flexibility toward the client.
    The final resolution was 1080p.

    I also learned a lot about setting up a renderfarm in this project!!!

    Hope tou like it!
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    Wow!! Very cool.. That is one thing I have to learn is setting up a renderfarm.. How many computers did you use for it?

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    Wow! Great imagination!

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    Amazing work!

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    Excellent animation. I am not sure why, but it reminds me of a Salvador Dali painting if it were put in motion.

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    Nice, I like the red lanscape!

    I realized that it looked similar to this one, is there any relationship? I think both are trains, so I just wonder if they belong to the same organization or promoter:
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    well done. nice transitions.

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    Thank you.
    @3djock: There was 50 Nodes (Cores) in the RenderFarm. I used ButterflyNetRender which is amazing. 90% of the time when it doesn't work the cause is human, I learned a lot about what to do and what not...
    We had to put the renderfarm in a room far away, it was as hot as in HELL and the noise was crazy too.

    @jbr3D: True, the goal was to create some king of twisted reality.

    @Cesar: Nice! I never saw that one, it's a great animation!
    It's not related, they are different companies.

    HP Z800 Win 7 x64
    LW11.0.3 x64
    Bi-Quad Xeon E5530 2.40 GHZ
    16 cores Hyperthreaded
    20GB Ram
    Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 1.5GB / CUDA 192 cores
    Dual screen HP LP2475w

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    Khan - you know I'm already a fan

    Thanks for the post - what technique did you use for the train reconstruction at the end?

    Top work, will have to drop in on you guys when I'm next in Paris
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    Wow, great work.

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    Awesome, I saw this train interior at a tradeshow I attended.
    UI / UX Designer @ NewTek

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    kick *** work... as cesare mention at moment it started i though this is sequel to the network rail anim..

    can you give us some details on technique used to assemble train at the end of commercial?
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    EXCELLENT work!
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    That is amazing. Congratulations!!!

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