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Thread: Molfsee interior

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    Molfsee interior

    I created this image inspired by some interiors from the molfsee openair museum near Kiel in Germany. In this museum you can visit old buildings from the century. I tried to use desaturated colors to make it look a little bit like a painting. Creating the scene took about 3-4 days.

    If you have any critics or suggestions, let me know. Hope you like it, thanks for viewing
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    i only saw 2 pictures from you. And the feeling i had for both is that you have great control over them. Everything seem to be exactly where you wanted, how you wanted.

    But on both i had a sensation that there was a thin layer over the image that it would give it a "false" or "cheap" look, altoguh they are great compositions and renders. But there that little something that makes takes the cosy feeling that your images are about and gives it a little of scale model cosy thing. Its a bit hard for me to express it :P

    I'm relativatly new to render setups, so may i ask what aspects of your render, could contribute to this look/feeling?

    Still its all in place and well rendered =)


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    I hope to see the scene! Find the key to control lights\metals\GI settings.Thanks 7art!
    System Information:

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    Superb work, light is impressive. The ideal background for a Flemish primitive painting.

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    thank you all for your feedback

    @ probiner: Thank you for your words. I know what you mean. I also see this thin layer somtimes. If you can give me more precise details, I would appreciate this

    @ fusion2007: About the lighting: I used one arealight as sunlight with about 600% intensity and a little bit orange/red. Under the ceiling there is a arelight with around 70% with a little bit blue in color (falloff 9meter). I used 2bounce montecarlo interpolated with 512 primary and 64 secondary rays at 220% and a hdri sky wit imageworld at 600%. Also, I used a green plane in the outside so some green will be reflected into the room.

    If you want, I can sent you the scenefile so you can take a look at (without furniture), just write me PM with your emailadress.

    @ blam, thank you very much, glad you like it

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    fabulous work as usual Svenart, the wood is just too good (especially the table!)...well done

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