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Thread: 3D boolean render

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    3D boolean render

    Boolean 3D section render, exploiting the Ray Length through the Spot Info node. Two example and a basic demo/tutorial, videos:

    example 01

    example 02

    basic demo/tutorial

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    Sweeet. Object Clip mapping horray. This would be great for a character eating a melancy for example. There must be way of doing it today, not that i know about it.

    Example Scene files? :P

    Only thing is that you kinda doing things blind before render. Oh well maybe not Fprime users.
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    Very nice, looks very convincing and flexible!
    Thanks for the tutorial.

    Perhaps provide a example scene? Would love to try this out with FPrime, and a scene is sometimes easier than a whole tutorial.

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    cool tut i olike it
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    Thank you.

    @ probiner
    Couldn't use FPrime becouse in it work differently here

    @ Costanel
    Added scene, preset and node, see link below.


    Here a page with embedded videos:
    Scene to test with:

    And here, as reference, Boolean, from the Pontonnier DP Kit, and BooleanTexture, by Shift:
    Pontonnier, DP Kit:
    Shift, Boolean Texture:

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