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Thread: StoryBook and DVE'S

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    StoryBook and DVE'S

    Why is it when I am in Storybook and working on arranging my DVE's that it takes so long for the computer to make a move. I wait and wait and finally I can do something. It is constantly thinking when I move DVE's around and it takes about 2-3 minutes per move. What am I doing wrong??? I have drefraged the drive, I have cleaned up missing files and cleaned up deleted files. Someone help me!! Thanks

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    Does this happen all the time? What is your video card and your comp specs? do you have the latest video drivers?

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    This has been happening over the course of the last week. Getting slower and slower.
    My computer was just updated about 18 months ago. So I am assuming that everything should be fine. I thought that it was something that was building up on my drives or something causing it to become slower.
    This also is happening when using the timeline. Things have all just slowed down!!

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    Hi Jim,

    I don't have VT 5 installed but in previous versions there was a setting in the Prefs that let you choose where the storyboard icon came from, I think the choices were stream and harddrive. Changing this to harddrive would give you better response because if it is set to stream that would mean that it had to recreate the icon each time you changed something. I don't recall if you can turn off the icons in the timeline but if you can, do it.

    It's been a while since I opened VT and like I said I have not installed VT5 so the wording may vary slightly.

    The other thing to do would be to check the hardrive that the project is stored on, if it is starting to fill up or is very fragmented it may be having trouble writing to the undo file.

    Hope that helps.



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