I've been playing around with 7.5 a lot lately and I have to say the cloud(s) that are being generated by 7.5 are just FANTASTIC! I wish Lightwave hypervoxels were capable of delivering this sort of detail. Anyway I noticed that they have made mention of discouraging the use of volumetric color settings to darken the clouds up and suggest using opacity/density settings. I've noticed the highlight being VERY bright and blown out completley when using a pure white color like suggested regardless of the opacity/density settings. When I turn the color down to a gray they look fantastic and I can compensate for the shadowing being dark by using ambient light slightly higher. Anybody else notice this?

Oh if anybody cares the book by Schrand "Beyond the Basics" is pretty decent. A good portion of the techniques would become pretty obvious with some experimenting but overall pretty good and some of the explanation of the function editor is helpful. Thumbs up.