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Thread: tricaster compatibility with adobe premiere

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    We use Tricaster 2.0 and Premiere CS4. I have owned all previous versions of Premiere beginning with Premiere 6.5. For what ever reason (maybe not trying hard enough) I have never been able to edit in any version of Premiere unless I transport it to Tricaster Edit and render in the Tricaster system. Works fine after that.
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    tricaster mpeg and adobe

    Hi everyone. I stumbled onto this forum and thought I would share what my experiences are right now with tricaster and Adobe CS3, and there are a number of things i am dealing with:

    I am a director and I rented the TC from someone for a 5 day shoot, 10 hr days. I shot on 2 panasonic DVX100B's and one HVX. The tricaster exported a mass amount of mpeg-2 studio profile files for me to work on, and I have the cameras running on DV tape as well.

    Problem #1: I use adobe to lay out the MPEG file, and then drop in the "native" DV files (captured in premiere and imported as AVI) but noticed that there was a problem with the mpeg files not being the same speed as the native avi and the wav files taken from all the individual mics in the room. Upon closer inspection, i noticed that when i was looking and listening to the mpeg file, sometimes when the camera cuts to a different one, i heard a jump in the word being spoken in the video. I realized that there is like a missing frame, or small piece of time when each camera cuts! The more i cut, the more off sync the mpeg was with the avi's and wav's. I uploaded a clip of it happening to youtube so you can see it for yourself. Again, this is straight from the tricaster, and has not been messed with: I have more prominent clips if you would like to see them. sometimes though, its not bad or doesn't happen! It's a shame, ive rented this machine twice for a total of 9 days on 2 projects and all the videos do this in different amounts throughout the clips taken. Not sure if i will ever go back to it unless this problem gets solved.

    When I play the mpeg file in windows media player or quicktime, it is still there, so this problem has nothing to do with adobe. (imagine editing 5 days worth of material, mixing the mpegs with the avis. I have to add frames to make up for the missing time when the cameras cut)

    Problem #2: My computer is mega fast, i am running a intel I7 processor with 12 GB RAM and a 2GB videocard. I have 12TB of free HDD space on my computer. Some of the MPEG files will stream amazingly well in Premiere, however, some of the files will choke up and the video barely moves. The audio plays fine though. This prevents me from being able to edit since i have to constantly wait for the mpeg file to play and when it does, it plays like 1 frame....then 4 seconds go by, then another frame...etc. I can't find any difference in this video file by the TC and the ones that play well.

    Problem #3: Some of the mpeg's when played in windows media player play fine, while some don't show any video. again, i can't find any difference in the file types. all were shot in the same amount of time. and some of the files that choke up, are smaller than the ones that don't

    I downloaded quicktimes MPEG-2 codec.

    Well? Anyone have this nightmare?

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    I really not sure this works but seems to work for me, have you tried installing the NewTek codec pack onto the CS3 computer? Oh wait, you mention Quicktime, is this CS3 on a Mac? If not, try the codec pack just to see if it fixes the problem since it is an easy thing to try (just an install). I just checked and I only see the ability to download the pack to registered users so you may need to call NewTek support to see if you can download it. If this does or does not work, please post your results as my use is skewed by the fact I have VT[5] and SE on my CS4 system.
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