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Thread: Settlement

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    The road texture needs some help. It looks like you used the photoshop cloud filter as part of your texture map. Your DOF globe has a harsh edge, it goes from focused to blurry in what appears to be 10 feet. Otherwise it looks pretty good. Was this an animation or just stills?

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    Love the tilt-shift effect - very cool. I am working on my first aerial view of a retirement community and I hope it turns out close to this. Excellent work!
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    What a fantastic rendering! Absolutely great, very nice work!

    I have to agree with some of the others that I don't much like what builders are doing to new developments. Can't get anything more than 3 pantone shades different than anyone else.

    The bottom line is, builders want to take a house that used to sell for $100,000, sell it for $700,000 and pay $50,000 less to build it. Just stamp them out as cheep and fast as possible and then rape the buyer as hard as possible.

    Anyway, not to take away from the fantastic rendering. THAT is well done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stooch View Post
    the road textures ruin it.
    I don't agree with your sentiment that they "ruin it".

    I agree that they do look weird...especially in the first image, but ruining the whole scene.. nopes...
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    Beautiful work.
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    Hello again,

    Thank you for criticism and comments.

    If you asking me about road texture I must answer that this is very simple procedural texturing. I adding some noise and spots to simulate irregular road material. Mostly I going to make UV painting texture for roads but in this project I have insufficient amount of RAM to make that big and detailed texture. This project during rendering use all of the 16GB RAM that I have and some of the virtual memory.

    These trees I made using Onyx Tree generator with large leaf thats looks good in big disntance. If I want to make close-up I make versions with clip maps on the leafs. I going to make trees with different colors so I made procedural textures ( world coordinates ) on color channel. Some post work in photoshop for the vegetation.

    You have right. This settlement is ugly But this is typical Irish settlement.

    I have different render settings for the images dependent of dinstance. But I always going to separate roofs, ground, vegetation and other plain materials to low radiosity settings.

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