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Thread: EPS Loader Help One More Time

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    EPS Loader Help One More Time

    I have searched the forums for the answer, but I have one small problem, which is I don't own Illustrator. I used the demo for a logo last year, but it has long since timed out.

    Here is what I do have.

    Pshop CS2, CS 3 and CS4
    Fireworks CS2 or higher
    GIMP for windows
    Don't laugh but I have mirage 1.5 it that would help

    I am trying to take a 2d image and load it with the EPS loaded into LW.

    I have LW versions 5.6, 7.5, 8.5, 9, 9.3.1, and 9.5.

    I seem to also have 9.6, but it's not loaded.

    There has been so much discusson on this. When it works, this is an AMAZING plugin. I should be able to do this, but it's kicking my ***** this morning.

    In closing, I am an old school, old skooler.

    I used LW on the Amiga. There was one plugin I still miss, and it was called "logotron". It allowed you to put in lines of text and make a 3D text object in a hearbeat. There is something similar now, but as I recall I have to select the side of the object, and back in those Amiga days, it labeled the surface data so I didn't need to do any of that "select polygons" business, which I am not very skilled at.

    Perhaps all of these issues have been addressed since I use LW so infrequently. But when I do, I am usually very pleased with the results. I don't make animations for fun, I do them for clients, so it's not just what I like, it's what they like, approve,and ultimately pay for. That's why I like 3D.

    It's even better if I can knock out 11 different logos in short order.

    I know this has been discussed for users who own Adobe Illustrator 8, but I do not.

    I found a link to an old video, but it has since been moved at results in a 404 error.

    If I can get the converted image to load, I would also appreciate and advice on what settings to adjust, or can I just let the "defaults" ride?

    I hope everyone has all their fingers from the 4th of July celebration in the states. you need them.

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    Will PS CS4 import the file? I know PS can "Save As> EPS". Then just make sure the option of Version 8 is selected.

    If you can't get your copy of PS to do it for you try a free program called inkscape.

    Good Luck

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    I've not used CS4 much, but I don't think this has changed. In order to get vector information from PS, it was best to have those vectors in a Path in the Paths palette. With that Path selected, you can go to File -> Export -> Paths to Illustrator.

    Just doing a Save As... will produce a PS EPS, which is different than an Illustrator EPS.

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    Cool Inkscape test

    Thanks for the responses. I know this took some of your time. I have DLed Inkscape and will give it a shot.

    And "Jacksonville" you are correct, Pshop CS4 does make an .eps from the saver list, but LW does not like it. If I could draw, I might be interested in Illustrator. But for me, it would be nothing more that a saver application.

    Believe it or not, I have used Video Paint with the VT to do things that even I cannot do in After Effects. For example, the stroke recorder.

    I had a job where there was a lot of scanned pages. My job was to created the look of someone taking a "highlighter" pen and drawing on the page and then zoom into the topic as large as I could on the screen.

    I could do some of this in SE nowadays with position panel, but the animated "drawing" is harder to come by.

    But my point was, even if I could draw, say, a heart, with two even sides, that's one thing. If it wasn't for graphics apps, I would not have a job in the video business. I can't draw and never claimed to. So, of all the apps for me to own, Illustrator, seems to be at the top of the "irony" pile. And, there is the price......

    I found an old copy, but it's version 6. We are current on a lot of the suite, but Illustrator was never on the list. If I did lots of this "logo conversion" work, maybe that would change things. This is one of those amazing things that LW can do, that I am not sure that everyone understands -- including me evidently.

    Thanks kindly for your time and I will share my Inkscape experience.

    Kurt from Avalon Video and Bob Tasa's buddy at BFXTech


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