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  1. Tricaster 8000 Advanced Edition in Silicon Valley with or without operator

    Tricaster 8000 Advanced Edition PACKAGE
    Control surface and Monitors included.

    Pre-Rigged rack includes:
    - Blackmagic Design 40x40 in front of all inputs and outputs including multiview and UI. ...
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    Confused about wannacry and Windows Update.

    I need clarification on 2 update questions:

    1. My tricaster 8000 shows it is 94 updates behind on windows update. Is it safe to update it?

    2. If I am only to follow the link, The download site...
  3. New tricaster 8000 user - I BROKE IT ALREADY - requests, and first impressions.

    I TRY not to void warranties, but this device leaves me wanting to seriously void the warranty to hack in bandwidth, and features.

    Shortly before NABShow 2014, I bought a Tricaster 8000. I now...
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