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  1. I am using a TriCaster Mini HD-4. I use the HDMI...

    I am using a TriCaster Mini HD-4. I use the HDMI version. It is an older model with only 1 stream configurable. I set the output configuration for the stream as camera 1 and audio input 1. I can do...
  2. Stream from Input 1 while using DDR content in program out

    I want to be able to stream our church service using only my Input 1 audio and video. Meanwhile, I would like to use the DDR content with audio to send to program out for content on the projection...
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    Autoplay on camera inputs

    I want to set up my 460 to autoplay through my DDR content and swtich to a camera input then after 45 seconds or so, switch back to the DDR. I want this to play on a loop. Is there any way to...
  4. Thank you. This worked great!

    Thank you. This worked great!
  5. Viewing 16:9 video input in letterbox when operating in 4:3 mode

    I am operating an event in 480i 4:3 mode to accommodate a 4:3 LED video screen. All of my graphics and pre-programmed videos are in 4:3 format. My live input is a 720P 16:9 input. It is cropping to...
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    Will Broadcast take a HD-SDI input?

    I have a TC550 Broadcast. Will it take a HD-SDI input signal?
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    AVI won't work since I need other graphics in the...

    AVI won't work since I need other graphics in the background.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I will try Live Text. I have the old version, not 2.0 but I hope it will still work.
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    Crawling Message

    I have a TriCaster Studio and a TriCaster Broadcast. I am trying to set up a crawling message that will continually crawl across the bottom of the frame while I am playing a loop of JPEG files. It is...
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