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  1. Need Help in Las Vegas to Setup TalkShow

    Im looking for someone to help me setup and test 2 x TalkShow units in Las Vegas.
    Call or text me at: 310-972-0240

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    Just checking, did you sell this?

    Just checking, did you sell this?
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    This is crazy. So what's the new workflow for...

    This is crazy.

    So what's the new workflow for using Tricaster files in Adobe Premiere?

    I tried transcoding them with Media Encoder, Edit Ready, and HandBrake, and none of the recognize...
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    Tricaster Studio Rack Mount For Sale

    I have a custom 19" rack mount for the Tricaster Studio. I believe it may work with the XD300 also.

    The dimensions of your Tricaster should be:

    Height - 7 5/8"
    Width - 10 3/8"
    Depth - 15...
  5. Set of 3 Tally Lights with cables for Tricaster

    I have a set of 3 tally lights for the Tricaster XD300, along with cables to run from the Tricaster to the tally lights.

    They were originally purchased about a year ago from Digital Arts, this...
  6. Thanks Steve, I appreciate the prompt response. ...

    Thanks Steve, I appreciate the prompt response. That makes sense, I was forgetting that the software is built on Windows and that allows monitor assignments in the software.
  7. VGA Monitors not displaying the correct signal

    On the 850 there are two DVI monitor ports:

    Interface, and Multiview.

    I have 2 x VGA monitors connected to these ports:

    Monitor #1: 1920x1080, VGA connection, 42" screen connected to...
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    Tricaster Studio Tally Lights


    I'm not clever with electronics, nor do I know anyone who is, so is there an off the shelf solution I can buy for the Tricaster Studio that would allow me to use the Tally light feature for my...
  9. Copy Camera Settings Across Various Inputs

    When I'm using multiple cameras for a green screen setup, it takes awhile to adjust the various settings on the Tricaster to get the perfect key.

    Currently there's no way to copy the settings...
  10. Looking for someone to create lower thirds and virtual sets for Tricaster

    Do you know anyone that can create lower thirds for the Tricaster?

    I'm also looking for someone who can create a custom virtual set?

    Contact me directly at support @
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    Workflow for Adobe Premiere CS3?

    I'm recording footage on the Tricaster then editing using Premiere Pro CS3, then using Sorenson Squeeze to output to the web (flv) on Viddler, Metacafe, and other similar video content sites....
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    Ability to Copy Chromakey settings

    There surely should be some way to copy chroma key settings to multiple inputs/cameras.

    For example, if I'm doing a multiple camera shoot I have to setup every camera with the chroma key settings...
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    2 Person Shot Capability on Virtual Sets

    I would like to have the flexibility to be able to do a 2 shot interview (so 2 people in the frame at the same time) using the Virtual sets.

    At the moment, this is not possible because the shots...
  14. Best Workflow for Tricaster AVI to Premiere Pro to DVD?

    I'd like to find out what field settings should be used - Lower, Upper or Progressive when outputting from Premiere Pro?

    I'd also appreciate recommendations on specific settings based on the...
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    VGA Input Please


    In a seminar environment it is common for presenters to want to use their own PC's and it is even more common for them to turn up at the last moment and expect everything to be connected and...
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