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  1. LAD3D rendering LightWave 2018 with BNR 7.15

    Happy to report that I am now rendering on 10 powerful Windows PC nodes using ButterflyNetRender 7.15 with LightWave 2018.0.4.
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    I am very sorry about that. Clearly I wish I...

    I am very sorry about that. Clearly I wish I could delete my posts of grief but the moderator will not allow that. My goodness the manic highs from using LightWave 25 years are ecstatic!...
  3. Just ran into this problem out of the blue with...

    Just ran into this problem out of the blue with LW2018 and 2015. Taking advice from DigitalDeuce I uninstalled ROG Game First III and now Layout and Modeler work together again. Thanks!
  4. Butterfly NetRender is better than LW2018 NRC

    BNR is so much easier to use. Why is NRC so much more difficult? Do you not agree that LW2018 NRC should be at least as easy to use as Butterfly NetRender? I am here to tell you, LW2018NRC is not...
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    Remeber the Joy of Six and STEVE BOWIE

    This reminds me of LightWave v6.0. Remember how much LW6 sucked? Remember StealthNet I'll bet the Sherriff does and does not care. And I will bet he never has setup network rendering. HEY STEVE...
  6. LW2018 Network Render Controller I will pay $500 to get it working!!!!

    Does anyone know how to make this work. I am stuck at plugins red light!

    I am pretty good at following instructions but I cannot get passed the plugins. I will pay you $500.00 to help me get...
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    What is a "windows" folder? for NRC

    What is a "windows" folder? What does that mean? Has any other user got NRC working?

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    From: LightWave Customer Support [mailto:[email protected]] ...
  8. I can't even get passed the plugins. All I get is...

    I can't even get passed the plugins. All I get is red light. Eventually I will try using Butterfly NetRender 7 for LW2018. But for now BNR 7 is locked and loaded for LW2015.3
  9. LW2018.0 Network Render Controller help for a successful LW2015.3 BNR 7 user

    Has anyone been successful setting up Network Render Controller? I keep getting stuck on the plugins. No matter where I put the plugins directory I get the red light. I've tried UNC, I've tried Drive...
  10. Scenes\Genoma2\Human_Rig >>> help me load 2 Human_Rigs into 1 scene

    I would like to have 2 Human_Rig.lws humanoids in my scene. I load the first one fine, but when I go to LOAD > LOAD ITEMS FROM SCENE and select the > Scenes\Genoma2\Human_Rig.lws, the 2nd humanoidís...
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