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    Thanks for the replies. The Adder Infinity...

    Thanks for the replies. The Adder Infinity solutions appear to require a fiber cable to link the two ends. Adding fiber to our installation is rather difficult so I would prefer a solution using...
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    Need KVM Externder recomendation for 3Play

    Recently we shifted production from an On-Location Flight Pack to a central Control Room model. Now the 3Play Operator is in a control room 100ft away from the 3Play mainframe in the machine room...
  3. 3Play 440 Hard Drive Upgrade to 10TB, is it possible?

    On my 3Play 440, I am considering upgrading the D and E drives to 10TB Seagate BaraCuda Pro HDD. Before I throw down money, I want to know if there is anything wrong with this idea. Is there a...
  4. I too am on a 3Play 440 and second the request...

    I too am on a 3Play 440 and second the request for DNxHD145 export. It would help my editing workflow tremendously as the post guys are using Avid Media Composer and regularly ask for replay stacks.
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