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    HELP! Getting strange DLL errors after attempting to update to NDI 4.0

    Hey guys. We just tried to update all of the tools on our box (Windows Server 2012 R2) and we're seeing the exact issues as everyone else. When updating, we are getting DLL errors...
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    Maco Communications to VIZ TRIO

    Hey y'all. I'm hoping to understand how VIZ TRIO sees commands sent from a VMC. For example, I can send a 'page:take 1000' command via a macro and it will trigger VIZ TRIO and play that page. But,...
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    Where are the documents and how-tos

    We have the feature with Premium Access. But I don't see how to actually use the Macro Import feature. Help!
  4. That would be a feature request... :)

    That would be a feature request... :)
  5. Is it possible to use datalink values in a macro?...

    Is it possible to use datalink values in a macro? For example, when triggering our VIZRT Trio from our VMC, we'd like to do something like the example below - enter or copy text using Webkey data and...
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    Spark on Company Network

    I'm plugging in our HDMI spark directly into our network - correct NDI ports are open.
    However, the spark doesn't show up (even after several minutes)
    I'm not sure how to even locate the IP address...
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    Issues with NDI Sources

    Need some guidance..

    We have an IO module creating up to 8 NDI channels using HLS or RTMP web feeds..

    I can see the sources in the NDI dropdown in TriCasters - but when you load them into the...
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    Pre-Built Macros

    We use a lot of 2, 3, 4 boxes..
    But wanted to see if anyone has pre-bulit macros they would share..

    Ideally - it would be great to have a 2 box that moves to a 3 box.. etc.

    Anyone doing that?
  9. Update. In case you're wondering, the aspect...

    In case you're wondering, the aspect ratio/size that Facebook will take is 360x360 for a 1:1 square.
    Not portrait, but works for FB live.
    Tested with OBS
  10. This isn't a 'i don't like vertical video thing,'...

    This isn't a 'i don't like vertical video thing,' this is a follow the audience argument.
    Zane is right, engagement is much higher if you stream in 9:16

    Was really hoping there was a native...
  11. Output 9x16 aspect ratio for facebook

    We are streaming a lot to Facebook Live..
    Anyone figure out a way to stream natively from the TriCaster in portrait mode?

    The new Media DS does it - but can we get it working on the TriCasters?...
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    Facebook Live - Missing LIve Video

    Version 2: 4-0-160712

    Hey all,
    We have used the Facebook Live streaming feature for a while. Recently, we've noticed that our live videos have been disappearing from Facebook.

    We go live...
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