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    Can I use Signed URLs in MediaDS?

    Hi Team,

    In a typical proposal configuration, users are designed to log in through a security system provided by the company and then view the stream through the base URL provided by MediaDS.
  2. Thanks Steve Cho


    Steve Cho
  3. Questions regarding Livetext standalone version and 4K resolution?

    Hi Team,

    With the launch of the TC2 Elite on July 10th, our prospect is planning to build a 4K production system using peripheral NDI-enabled devices.
    The customer's technical director requested...
  4. Thanks Kane, Steve Cho

    Thanks Kane,

    Steve Cho
  5. Is there a reference guide for video resolution, bandwidth and simultaneous Clients?

    Hi Team,

    I would like to suggest our clients using Media DS as a local streaming server.
    but, I cannot find guides or documents according to the resolution, amount of Bandwidth and simultaneous...
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