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    laying down cables using bullet?

    So i have a little project where i need to lay down some cables and i was wondering if anyone know what the best approach would be to dynamically have them interact with props.

    so a few boxes, i...
  2. weight shading - bone influence - can you use a image map

    is there a way to use an image map to paint a weight shade

    cause the weight shading in modeler seems very imprecise with virtually no fall offs

    trying to paint a face for bones, and it's being...
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    setting up pbr stone texture (help)

    Hi lightwavers,

    So, i'm still relatively new to 2018 and surfacing with pbr.

    i have here a texture that is pretty straight forward to get the diffuese on the wall, but thats about all i could...
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    cyber city freebie

    for those that dont know - kitbash occasionally gives away mini kits for free to sample their 3d models. (buildings)

    here is cyber punk city- ...
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    ok found the shadow catcher shader type happy...

    ok found the shadow catcher shader type

    happy to see it works like a charm - u put a floor there - set it to shadow catcher - and
    bam - when you render your element it has the shadows built into...
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    outputing just a shadow pass - methods?

    HI again,

    I've got a shot where i'm rendereing out a chan element with bullet. it crashes down on a plane. I'm just rendering the element.
    but i need a shadow pass -

    I've got it currrently...
  7. ok i got the fix on the facebook groups - you...

    ok i got the fix on the facebook groups - you have to run admin command prompt and use configure unset and set - looks like i have to do that for each install too.
    at least it worked.

  8. latest windows 10 update screwed all my lightwave licences - what can i do


    well it happened again, it has happened so many times now that i'm livid every time windows forces an update.

    This time, all of my lightwave installs - 11 2015.2 and 2018.7 can not find the...
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    So siggraph this year again was quite small...

    So siggraph this year again was quite small compared to say E3.

    Otoy was there - they were showing off octane for unity, unreal, and blender.

    Of note is that the blender octane is free for one...
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    siggraph 2019 exhibits - free pass

    want to save $50 bucks for siggraph 2019 exhibits? here is the link.

    This year its being held in los anglese convention center.


    this link has the code, and the link to bring you to...
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    photo real head scan for free

    a bunch of people on the face book forums are playing around with this guy.

    see what you can do with him.
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    hey monroe - thanks it works no problem. the...

    hey monroe - thanks it works no problem.

    the only thing is - i can't see what the difference was to make it work - werid.

    ok thanks for the help, with this i can get it going =)
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    2018.07 hypervoxals

    Hi all,

    I'm having trouble turning on the hypervoxals in 2018.07

    i looked at the manual and did what id says and nothing - turned on legacy and everything.

    does anyone know if there is some...
  14. 2018 - increasing quality of motion blur

    sorry, qucik question

    How do i increase the quality of motion blur in 2018 camera with motion blur turned on

    also what does subframe do? is it worth cranking it up?

    the issue is grain -...
  15. fusion and resolve are updated - and fusion isn't free anymore - LW companion program

    fusion and resolve are updated - and fusion isn't free anymore - LW companion programs.

    FUsion compositing program is a must have if your using lightwave - it goes so well with lightwave or any 3d...
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    running a remote render farm

    Is there a way to make a computer be a render node online where i can send it a scene and it renders it to a folder i can access online as well (for output)?


    my friend has a spare...
  17. Weightmaps are easy all your doing is telling...

    Weightmaps are easy

    all your doing is telling the bones to only effect the area where the weight is painted.

    so you paint an elbow, and then tell the arm bones that they only work on the...
  18. i second that - i found a free astronaut online...

    i second that - i found a free astronaut online and have rigged him even though he was posed in a posed non t pose pose.

    genoma to the rescue - i've also rigged a free han solo character as well....
  19. Thanks alot for all the advice I'll post...

    Thanks alot for all the advice

    I'll post progress as i go, i found some screen capture software, so i'll try recording it as i stumble through splines and different methdods you all described...
  20. whats the best way to build a highly detailed airplane model

    I'm thinking of making a lancaster.

    First attempt at building a high detailed aircarft.

    anyone have any tips?


    my biggest problem is making curves that are accurate to the plans.
  21. I'm looking a lot of modleing work. so i'm...

    I'm looking a lot of modleing work.

    so i'm wondering if getting an intel with the absolutely highest ghz clock rate that i can get would make sense as that would aid in overall set up of scenes,...
  22. which is better - 32 core native render or amd system or dual 2080ti gpu with octane

    Which one wold be better - the amd 32 core cpu system


    a intel sysem running at 4ghz with a dual 2080ti for octane?

    those would be the two types of systems i'm looking into - but i'm not...
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    uv map program is amazing

    I thought this was a really great tool to handle UV unwrapping models. Looks like a great companion program for lightwavers!!

    sure to come in handy for pesky unwrapping jobs.
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    blender 2.8 - lots of new features

    alright, what do you see in blender that you'd like to see in lightwave.

    I'm loving eevee
    and this thing called a cavity shader
    and the 2d stuff is drool worthy.


    I really would love...
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    diffuse bounce problem

    Hi all,

    SOOOOO... lw 2018 render times are through the roof - i'm still having a really hard time getting the render times under control.

    Radiosity is the culprit - anything with radiosity...
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