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    Mini SDI- HDMI display out, no signal

    Trying to get HDMI video out for studio program monitor. Checked the display out box and it’s set for Mix1, but nothing on monitor. Have checked cable and monitor, both work.

    What am I missing??...
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    Mini: Audio input for external mixer?

    Simple question. Using Tricaster mini and running an external mixing board into the left and right audio inputs. Where do those inputs show up on the internal Tricaster audio mixer?

    We have 3...
  4. Thanks, these are great, and nice to have in one...

    Thanks, these are great, and nice to have in one place. One thing: I wish there was a dedicated set of videos for the Tricaster Mini, as these are all for Advanced edition, and many details are...
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    Mini HD-4sdi: New camera not showing up

    I am trying to connect a Canon Vixia HF R800 camera to Input 1 on my Tricaster Mini SDI, but not getting any signal. As this is an SDI Mini, I am using an HDMI to SDI converter from the camera to the...
  6. Yes! Looks like I had DSK 1 selected. Thanks! ...

    Yes! Looks like I had DSK 1 selected. Thanks!

    BTW, I know there are a ton of very good videos on a wide variety of Tricaster topics, but is there a resource out there that serves as a very basic...
  7. Tricaster newbie: Preview window displays Program

    I'm a newbie to Tricaster (but not to switching in general) and am just getting used to a new Mini HD4-SDI. Sorry for the extremely rudimentary question, but I am trying to do what I thought was a...
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