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  1. Troubleshooting seems to have solved most of...

    Troubleshooting seems to have solved most of this. Thanks...
  2. Deleted -- error cleared

    Deleted -- error cleared
  3. After Effects Live Graphics Creator Plug-in


    We're having trouble configuring(?) the Live Graphics Creator plug-in (exporter) in After Effects... I think?

    We installed Premium Access on the PC running AE, but the Creator interface...
  4. Feature Request - Brightcove as Preset Streaming Destination

    Might Brightcove be added as a preset / optimized CDN in the "Streaming/Record Configuration" menu?

    We had to use them in a hurry recently, and it worked fine, but it would be nice to have TC1 /...
  5. Hi Steve, I'll definitely give that a try next...

    Hi Steve,

    I'll definitely give that a try next time I have access to our system.

    Is TC1's internal audio routing a software thing, or a physical circuitry thing?

  6. Tricaster Onboard Audio Delay & EQ to Dante?


    Is there a way for the Tricaster's source-by-source audio delay and EQ settings to follow out into a Dante matrix, which connects to our Yamaha TF1 mixer?

    As far as I can tell, delay and...
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    Looping RGB+A Elements in LiveText / TC1

    Hi All,

    We are commissioning a new CG package, and our designer offered to incorporate looping backplate graphics for lower-thirds, etc.

    1. Is there any way to incorporate a looping movie file...
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