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    TriCaster TCXD 460 motherboard question

    My Tricaster 460 was an upgrade from a new Tricaster 455. It functions very nicely and Advanced edition software. My biggest regret though, is its lack of a USB 3 port.

    Has anyone updated...
  2. TriCCaster 460 BMD Smart Videohub 12x12 control question

    I've been using a TriCaster 455, updated to 460, for over 6 yrs. So stable is this unit that in regards to getting under the hood and troubleshooting, just consider me a newbie.

    So when I...
  3. How to view Task Manager when TriCaster 460 is running

    Has anyone, other than myself, ever wanted to view the Windows 7 Task Manager while in the TriCaster mode? I would be interested in seeing where my CPU usage is when streaming, recording, playing...
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    My 460 AE runs Windows 32 bit. Which models use...

    My 460 AE runs Windows 32 bit. Which models use 64bit? Are all Tricasters using Windows 7?

    Larry Brewer
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    Internet Explorer issues

    I recently updated my 460 AE software to Version: 5-1-170928. During the update process I was prompted to update my browsers and the screen displayed icons for Firefox, Chrome, and IE. The chrome...
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    "I upgraded my 860 to an SSD this past summer,...

    "I upgraded my 860 to an SSD this past summer, which required quite a bit of disassembly to physically swap drives.."

    My Tricaster 460 AE has a 1TB HDD. It has 3 partitions.. C: 80GB system and...
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