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  1. Selling Lightwave 2018 3D License - A variety of Liberty 3D tutorials included.

    Hi, I'm selling

    Lightwave 3D license
    Liberty 3D Tutorial: Getting Started with Lightwave 2018
    Liberty 3D Tutorial: Smoke Monster (2015)

    Price: $795 - payable via Paypal.
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    Lightwave 3D 2015 License for Sale

    Selling my current Lightwave3D 2015.3 license. Price = $495 via Paypal. PM me if interested.
  3. I would be willing to sell my current Lightwave3D...

    I would be willing to sell my current Lightwave3D 2015.3 license. It's a digital download. Price = $495 via Paypal. PM me if you're interested (of course, on the chance this is already an outdated...
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    FBX Export - Embedding Textures

    For some reason, when I export as FBX file and import into Unity, textures are not embedding. In Poser Pro 11, I get this same behavior until I click the "Compile Texture Atlas" option ... even if I...
  5. First -- excellent set of instructions -- how in...

    First -- excellent set of instructions -- how in the world is someone supposed to get Nevronmotion up and running without these?
    Second -- every time I attempted to enable HID -- Layout crashes. ...
  6. Nevronmotion crashes when I enable HID Device

    Hi all,

    Am attempting to follow the Nevronmotion setup instructions as posted here
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    Any tips on how to use this command? Is there a...

    Any tips on how to use this command? Is there a menu shortcut?

    ItemVisibility nvisibility
    Set the visibility of the selected item. The argument can be any of the values returned by the...
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    Turn off Rig Control Skeleton

    I imported an .fbx file. Although I turned off the bone x-ray, how do I make this rig control thing invisible? I don't want anything visible in the workspace except the model itself.

  9. Rigging Import and Object Parent-Child Structure not Importing

    Hi all,

    Loving Lightwave's render speeds and quality and overall logic flow. Rendered a page for a graphic novel -- total render time = 35 seconds. I'm used to much longer render speeds. Wow!
  10. parenting structure not surviving import

    Hi All,

    The layout program is awesome, but I'm struggling with a lot of Lightwave's import functionality.

    If I import an FBX file or a Collada file, the parent-child relationship vanishes. ...
  11. Thread: FBX Imports

    by Blazoneer

    FBX Imports

    Is there a clear tutorial on how to import and animate an FBX file? I purchased a rigged FBX off Turbosquid, and I've also imported rigged FBX files, but none of them import with bones -- they show...
  12. Genoma Presets Facing Backwards Relative to Camera and Model

    When I click "R" to rotate the Genoma rig preset to match the direction of my human biped model, it rotates like a wheel along the Y axis rather than like a door along the Z. How do I adjust the...
  13. Reset Main Camera Defaul to Origin (or closer to origin)

    Hi All,

    NQA. [Noob Question Alert]

    When a new Lightwave scene opens, the camera is approx. 11 meters from the scene's origin, I guess for camera mapping a large background scene. For me this...
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    Jwiede .. Interesting on the 10x0 ... hadn't...

    Jwiede .. Interesting on the 10x0 ... hadn't heard that. I had also been wondering what about some of the dynamic add-ons. Also, thanks, Norka, rustythe1, and mav3rick. Years ago, I purchased...
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    Thanks, Danner, For my models, have been...

    Thanks, Danner, For my models, have been attempting to find a sweet-spot ratio between low-poly and quality. In blender, this seems to be about 768 tris. Am currently moving into Mudbox and will...
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    Best GPU for Lightwave 2015

    Hi all,

    After bouncing around between trial versions of Maya, Houdini, Poser, Blender, and considering iClone, I am thrilled to finally get around to trying Lightwave. With it's animation and...
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