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    Replace FBX Animation With Interchange

    I'm having an issue with replacing FBX animation with Interchange. I'm using characters from iClone into Lightwave 2019.1.2. I use Octane so I want to import a character from IClone, set the textures...
  2. Thanks Greenlaw, that did the trick. I didn't...

    Thanks Greenlaw, that did the trick. I didn't know about changing to Local Space issue. I appreciate the help.

  3. Flocking Solders Backward Running Issue


    Iím having an issue in 2010.0.3 with Flocking. The characters run in the right direction towards the goal during the Calculate All Motions. But when I scrub the timeline, the characters turn...
  4. They had a problem with their email system and...

    They had a problem with their email system and got back to me today. I had to re-download my Lightwave key and reinstall and that did the trick.
  5. Can't License NevronMotion in 2019 versions.

    I've tried sending 4 support requests over the past 2 weeks and I've gotten no reply from NewTek.

    I can't get NevronMotion to license in any version of 2019. I've downloaded my NeveronMotion...
  6. Using Interchange to update FBX Motions

    Iíve used the new Interchange FBX feature in LW 2019.0.1 to import a character and a basic walk cycle from iClone 7. Iíve gone through the work of updating the textures to work with Octane thanks to...
  7. Python to turn on Smooting in the Surface Editor

    I wrote a Python script that loads the image maps for diffuse, spec, transparency and bump for each surface on geometry. It reads the object name and sets up the right image in the Surface Editor...
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    I'm getting it out of the new iClone 7. It...

    I'm getting it out of the new iClone 7. It exports Alembic with diffuse, spec, bump and transparency textures for each item of clothing and the characters. It also creates a .ini file with all the...
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    Script for Setting Surface Textures

    Does anyone know of a script or plug in that will set surface textures in Layout? I have Alembic characters importing into Layout and I have to manually point all of the texture files in Surface...
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