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08-22-2003, 06:32 PM
Heres a good idea of what you get on these CDs and my training philosopy behind them and my courses:

None of my courses are a rehash of the manual. Its all very production oriented.
Ive worked for years in production enviroments as a lead artist, Technical Director and so on. My experience is that the kind of work Ive been exposed to is what people want to learn how to do. I think people expect to be taught a production ethic when
they pay money.

All somebody has to do to determine if I know what Im talking
about it look at my work which is posted online.
The vast majority of my posts on this forum and others are less advertising and more actual free useful information. A keyword search will bear that out.

Students expect me to teach them tools, skills and techniques that are typical fo what they would find on the job.
People should be concerned about quality. Thats why I encourage anyone who is checking out my courses or anyone elses to SEE what kind of work the instructor has done. Check with actual students and get it first hand.

Look at reviews (if they exist) that students have posted. Theres plenty of comments and reviews on this and other forums about my courses and CDs. I encourage people to compare the reality with the advertising.

Ask anyone who has attended the Seminars in person.
Those two CDs are over 20 hours of material and its definately not a rehash of the manual but lots of information not covered anywhere. Both of those CDs are only $125.00 or free if you
attend the seminars.

Heres whats on the World Wide Tour CD:
LightWave Conventions
LightWave Interface
Customizing the Interface
Color Requestor Tricks
Viper and Image Viewer
Understanding Gradients
Particle Basics
Particle Motion
Particle Trails
Particle Snow Storm
Gears setup
Tricycle setup
Modeling a complete Character
Rigging a Complete Character
Walk Cycle
Motion Designer Basics
Lighting Basics
Intensity Versus Diffuse
Lights and Falloff
Multiple Sources
Multipass Renders
Pro Character Series Teaser
Modeling a Face
Modeling a Nose

Heres whats on the Next Dimension Tour CD:
Beveling tips and tricks
Enhancing logos with bevels
Magic Bevel
Modeling a head
Head - Face
Head - Nose
Head - Eyes
Head - Lips
Head - Flow
Particle Basics
Particles & Hypervoxels - Voyager effect
Hypervoxels - Using sprites
Hypervoxels - Tips and Tricks
Graph Editor
Expressions - Gears
Expressions - Tricycle
Modifiers - Channel Follower, Oscillator
Modifiers - Noisy Channel, Master Channel
Character Rigging - Motion Mixer
Character Rigging - Morph Mixer
Character Rigging - Bone Basics
Saslite Basics
Creating grass
Animating fur
Hair Guides
Wind Effects
Texture Displacement
Surfaces by Scene
Alternate Savers
Normal Displacement
LScript Commander
SkyDome Lighting
Advanced Motion Designer

Many of the tips and tricks in here Ive shown people in one form or another directly online here.
Im offering far more then an hour on a free CD (heck you can get that right now on my site HERE (http://www.3dtrainingonline.com/support/sampler.htm) and some very useful Rigs HERE (http://www.splinegod.com/rigs.htm) )
Im offering ANY one of those Tour CDs to anyone who signs up and were talking 10 HOURS of extra material.

09-07-2003, 10:37 AM
I attended the Lightwve World Tour seminar on April 5 2003 in Las Vegas NV. Lee Stranahan came to the to teach unperpared he had no CDs or any other information that we could have taken home after the seminar. I have been asking for the CD and any other information ever since. I have been emailing Lee at the email address Lee gave us at the seminar which was [email protected] I finally recived a email back from Larry Shultz after doing a web search on Lee Stranahan and emailing every different email address associated with Lee Stranahan. I did not pay $200 of my money for a unperpared seminar. On August 20, Larry Shultz of FX Academy emailed me back with "I will have the CD in the mail tomorrow". It is now Seventeen Days later and it is not here.
I do not recomend this CD or the Lightwave World Tour, you may run in to the same problem I have.
I am slow to anger but I will never let this go!

09-07-2003, 02:59 PM
As I mentioned to you in response to your email. I did send the CDs. Once I send them I have no idea if they reached their destination or not unless you tell me in a nice way rather then saying that you are "now my enemy", that Im "a liar" and that you will "bad mouth me every chance you get"
Every single person who has requested CDs from me has had them sent out or sent to this recent URL: http://www.learnlightwave.com/need_cds.htm that Lee setup so people CAN get their CDs. Any CDs I have sent out have been to help Lee get caught up and are totally on my own dime.
Instead of jumping to conclusions and making accusations just simply let me know you didnt get them and I can resend them rather then you wasting your time and mine with this kind of nonsense. Thank you. :)

10-20-2004, 09:48 PM
Lots of good stuff here