View Full Version : Modeling from a series of photos

06-22-2009, 02:48 AM
I know this is a weak point in LW, as I've tried it before, and I've seen others ask about it too, so I thought I'd share this link I found..


It's version 3.1a of Photomodeler LITE. It's about ten years old, and seems to be the only free application out there. Sure it has limits, such as a max of 250 points, and basic export options, but it beats switching between Modeler and Layout, fudging geometry and trying to match camera angles... (I use Fi's Camera Match for that)
I haven't had a proper play with it yet - I've only worked through the tutorials - but it seems to have potential for creating the overall dimensions and layout of an object or location which can then be taken in to modeler and built the normal way.

Hope someone else finds this useful!