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06-18-2009, 07:53 AM
hi everyone, dont expect this to be solved really, but i'm just asking for others take on this scenario...i'm doing a kind of grandiose flythrough, built a city of flat images mostly mapped to polygons with alpha channels working...i'm gonna fly a bird through it, and have the camera track along behind as he swoops, dives, etc, slowly also revealing the detail and scale of the city...so far so good. but the scene is really quite big now, over 4 milion polys according to the renderer, and i'm still gonna put in a little more geometry...the flythrough without the bird itself is working fine, but over the last two days i've noticed deeper functionality going awry- firstly the graph editor became moody- any edits there would cause the rainbow wheel lock up, forcing a force quit. Next i tried to import the bird- my plan was to parent it to the camera, and use lead the follower motion plugin to put it a little ahead of the camera on the same motion path- but as soon as it is trying to set up parenting relationship in motion options- rainbow wheel, etc.
i've discovered today that trying to setup morphmixer on the bird does the same- its not the end of the world, i can comp these layers together in post, and will probably get a beter result, but i'm intruiged why certain'deeper' level functions are causing the lock-up, when the other functionality of the scene remains intact...is it just about poly count??
i was sold that 9.6 preferred higher poly counts!

for clarification of the system, mac quadcore intel xeon 3ghz, 10g ram, osx 10.5.7, nvidia geforce 8800 gt...

i'm gueing that some scene files just get a little shaky as they grow, and lightwave gets increasingly moody thereafter, but wondered if there are any magic cures for such moody scenes??



ps well done online render for yer job:hat:

06-18-2009, 08:05 AM
This: "flat images mostly mapped to polygons" and this: "over 4 million polys" don't seem to go together. Do you have some very high poly buildings mixed in with the billboard ones? Or do you have four million single-poly buildings?

I'm using XP32 and can't use more than a million polys, so I haven't got a fix for you, unless you're doing something horribly inefficient.

Oh, alternate suggestion. Do the city fly-through in one pass, and add the bird in another.

06-18-2009, 08:11 AM
yeah, there are a mixture of 2d and 3d geometry in the scene...there are'nt 4 million single poly buildings! that would 've took some time... its not a scene that is chasing photorealism, its for a very stylised piece...i found another thread though where other mac users are reporting similar issues, so maybe its not even to do with the polycount, but instability i the mac version...perhaps

thanks for the reply, tho nangleator:thumbsup:

and yeah, thats what i meant when i said i could comp the layers together in post, and realistically i'll probably get a better animation as a result, but will lose the interaction with the light sources as he passes them- there are about 100 lamposts all casting light, andthe occasional flare- it would have been nice to see these affect the birds surface- but i guess i can fake it with a bit of thought...

06-18-2009, 09:53 AM
Be prepared for some serious frustration my friend. 9.6 on the mac has made my blood pressure shoot through the roof everytime i go near it. O and my scenes have a high poly count also-around the 4million.

If Newtek could resolve this it might just save my life!

06-18-2009, 10:51 AM
yea, saw your other post on the thread that mac users have been crying on...what is weird for me is that 9.6 is actually getting me through far more renders than 9.3 ever did, i am mid-enormous project, and it IS getting done...this scene is by far the heaviest poly count i've created though, and has meant me slowly losing the cleverer end of functionality...even then, i'm confident the scene will render ok, its just the multiple workrounds, and remembering ALL the different functions that will definitely have me back at force quit...even previewing will trigger it..clearing items, cloning items---simple stuff...so i have to really be careful what i do in the scene to achieve a decent workrate...but to be honest, i've grown accustomed to random quirkiness from lightwave- could SERIOUSLY do without it though.

DB Hansen
06-18-2009, 10:18 PM
Without specific, repeatable failures, I fear this will simply be an indeterminate bug next to impossible to track. I'd like to hear from more Mac users out there.

For what it's worth, however different our set-ups, my particular problem has involved a fly-over of about 60 simple houses, each roughly 1400 polys. Not exactly 4 million, so I doubt the beach ball I'm seeing has much to do with what John is seeing via his poly count. Or is it? At the end of my camera movement a wind action was supposed to come in a blow all but one house away. I could get it to work great, calculate great, even save the motion files great. But as soon as I close the scene or quit - fuhgeddaboudit. spin spin spin.

I will say it did also happen occasionally while moving objects, clicking between windows fast, scratching my arse, etc. So who knows. Frustrating as heeeeee-ell though.

Certainly don't remember anything like this in 9.3.

DB Hansen
06-18-2009, 10:32 PM
Just out of curiosity, what sort of size environments are you all working in? I've got all my stuff mapped out on a 1 km plane. Was thinking maybe there was some wonky calcs going on with regard to massive spaces. Or would that even matter?

06-21-2009, 04:27 PM
my grid size says 1m, the entire enviroment therefore must stretch over a few square km...buti dont think thats it...our cities may be built on quicksand mr hansen...but they all laughed at me when i built a castle in the swamp...etc... "what, the curtains?"

i do think we've got a shaky flaky version over here in macland- looking forward (in that perverse masochistic way) to swapping over to win 64 for the next major project just to settle the question- then i've only got bill gates to hate on...but , frankly, just too much functionality mysteriously dies at some unspecific scene revision...i mean, clearing items from the scene?? using the graph editor? activiating morphs?? its a seriously headachey state when your constantly trying to remember if what you'd like to do will head us out to the beach again