View Full Version : 3D Garage, I like it

Marvin Miller
08-22-2003, 08:56 AM
So there I was minding my own business at work (NewTek CS) and Proton walks up to my desk. I think, ďGreat, what does he want now...He probably needs another license key.Ē He asks me if I can help him with something, and if I can I get to keep what he gives me. I say ďSure, why not?Ē

What I get is a small binder full of CDís, twenty-five in fact. I open it up and itís Dan Ablanís 3D Garage Signature Courseware training materials. I get to watch these and inform the public. Tough job. (Note, sarcasm.)

Dan Ablan has done a superior job. The tutorials are easy to follow and have a good flow. In the first half of the set Dan takes you through the tools in Modeler, followed by the tool set in Layout. Even proís might learn a secret or two from listening to the basics, not that IĎm close to being a pro yet. The spacing of the lessons, averaging 20-25 minutes, is long enough to have a complete tutorial and short enough to keep your attention.

The second half of the set takes what you learn from the first set and expands it into various projects. From basic modeling to lighting to animating, just about all the basics are covered.

Now I just have to find the time to actually go back and practice the lessons. I really want to go back and cover the compositing tutorial with the car moving through the tunnel. Dan takes what is a complex scene and simplifies everything.

I donít have too many complaints about this series. Iíll agree with Proton and agree that the number of CDís can be overwhelming at first, but then I thought about it and thatís a heck of a lot of material.

Being in a position at NewTek where I am in constant contact with our end users who are always asking about where to get training in LightWave, I will most certainly recommend the 3D Garage Signature Courseware.