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06-16-2009, 03:04 PM
Hi, Mac 'Wavers! :)

Welcome to this week's progress note on our Mac development activities!

Cocoa/Hotfix LightWave v9.6.x: This week the team is meeting in San Antonio, and among the activities will be to complete the work on integrating the Cocoa/Hotfix branch into our build systems, the task we started last week. We have a lot of planning and design to work on during the meetings this week, so the time for coding will be limited. This means we'll come to the week of June 22 with the estimate still standing at about four to eight weeks out from beta release, subject to change based on the issues encountered.

The team reviewed the progress on the Cocoa conversion, including taking a look at the changes to the preview system and the audio system. Audio is using DirectX API on Windows and CoreAudio now on the Mac. Audio can now be heard on the Mac when scrubbing the timeline. The preview system is using Quicktime now on the Mac rather than the proprietary preview system, and making, playing back and saving previews seems pretty solid. Still work to be done in these areas, but they are coming along well.

The UI still needs a lot of details attended to, but seems to be very responsive now, and looks good with a new font that's a much better fit than we were previously using. Playing a scene showed nice performance. Rendering samples shown were on an Intel Core 2 Duo under Leopard, and were for 32-bit PPC via Rosetta, 32-bit Intel and 64-bit Intel. 32-bit Intel was twice the speed of PPC via Rosetta on the sample frames, and 64-bit Intel trimmed about 5 percent more off the time of 32-bit Intel.

Note for Developers:
One of the questions asked this week was when the 64-bit SDK for Mac would be forthcoming, as some expect that work on making 64-bit plugins can't proceed until the SDK is updated. The answer bears repeating in this update post:

Actually, the v9.6 LightWave SDK (already available) already has everything developers need to begin 64-bit Mac development. The main issue is simply making sure the code is 64-bit safe, and other than that issue, all the normal considerations of building against the LightWave SDK stay the same, regardless of the targeted bit-depth. They just can't test their creations until the 64-bit Mac LW applications are available to them.

Given that the question has come up, we will certainly be reviewing the existing LW SDK to see if better documentation is needed in order to make developers aware of this; if that's the case we'll make any improvements needed.

While there are a few updates to the LightWave SDK coming as part of the Cocoa development, they are nothing that developers would really have to wait for, if they are anxious to begin porting existing plugins or writing new plugins for 64-bit Mac.

Please Keep Those Bug Reports Coming: Getting in reports on any bugs you may have encountered but not yet reported is very important. Don't forget to include steps and content, as they are needed to insure that we can duplicate your bug properly and get it fixed. For those of you who need a refresher as to how to report bugs, check this link:

Instructions for Bug Report and Feature Request Database (http://www.newtek.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73227)

06-17-2009, 06:59 AM
Thank you Chuck for update

06-17-2009, 07:10 AM
Thanks for the update again Chuck.

I hope the videos I sent in a week or two ago were helpful.


06-17-2009, 07:20 AM
I want to thank you for making me aware that the audio system in lw might be useable! haha, and just tried it: made me giggle to have it play right.

Looks like an area to be played with...

06-22-2009, 01:49 PM
this cartoon is about our competitors, NOT LW, right?