View Full Version : Channel Modifier/Expression in 8.5

06-15-2009, 03:10 PM
Do expressions work in 8.5? I was recently moved to a different computer and reinstalled LightWave and added the 8.5 patch while I was at it. (I know, a bit behind). Now I can't seem to get expressions to work in the graph editor under Channel Modifier. Simple expression that makes an object rotate based on the texture position of another. When I test I get an error, and continuing just loses everything. It's always worked before. I have a scene that uses the same expression that was made before the upgrade, and it still works, but if I remove the expression and try to re-enter it, I get the same "Expression Evaluation Error". I also cannot load a saved expression. If I try to save a new expression, the fields in the files are blank, and rather than "variable", the lines begin with the path to the content directory with the first letter cut off.
rogram Files\LightWave [8]\Content\ "A" ""
rogram Files\LightWave [8]\Content\ "B" ""
rogram Files\LightWave [8]\Content\ "C" ""
rogram Files\LightWave [8]\Content\ "D" ""
Is it possible that the problem is due to Lightwave being installed in Program Files, rather than the root directory? Would be odd, but I guess stranger things have happened.


06-16-2009, 07:59 AM
Well, I wound up getting it to work using the expression tab/builder.